Thursday, June 16, 2011

To prefold or not to prefold

Now that we are 100% confident in our cloth diapering technique, I am really thinking about venturing out and trying new types. Currently, we use only Kawaii pockets. Although we love our diapers so much, I have noticed that I have my favorites. We have bamboo, microsuede, and microfleece diapers. We have heavywetter nighttimes, super trim daytimes, Velcro closures, snap closures, round tabs, and square tabs. We have minky and non minky. We have such a great assortment. And, although they are all great, I definitely always choose certain ones if they are clean.

But, I'd really like to try other brands or types. Which is why I'm so very excited about this week's Thirsties Thursday giveaway! They are giving away 2 prefolds and a wrap to next week's winner. How awesome!

Prefolds are probably the diapers that I'm most scared of trying. I mean, they just look scary. For those of you that don't know what a prefolds is, it's the old fashioned cloth diaper. The one that most people think of when you bring up cloth.

I really want to try these, mainly because of the price! $2ish dollars for a great one! That is amazing!

Hopefully I will win one in this giveaway so I am able to try them out and build my confidence!

You should enter, too! Here's the link:

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  1. Thats all we use! Once you figure out what works for you its really easy, and well SO much cheaper!