Thursday, March 31, 2011

When Oh When?

Everyone says the first year is the worst with illnesses.  That, with daycare and being exposed to anything and everything, he will catch everything that is even remotely close to him.

Well, so far, we haven't caught anything from daycare at all.  Yeah, there's the occasional common cold, but I'm sure I bring home more germs that he has picked up from daycare.  But, his ears are going to be the death of me.

I feel like I've been to the doctor every week lately.  In January, he got an ear infection, so we started an antibiotic.  About 2 weeks later, in February, it was RSV.  His ears weren't 100% better, but they decided that worrying about the RSV was a little more important at the time.  Mid March, another ear infection.  Another antibiotic and another 10 days of trying to get him to take it.  Then, 2 weeks later, back to the doctor because he's pulling at his ears or walking around the house saying "Ow" and pushing on his ear.  See the trend here?

Well, they said his ears were fine and prescribe him some Claritin for allergies since the Zyrtec isn't working.  Really?  After 8 months of this, it's time for a 2nd and 3rd opinion.  We had our appointment at the ENT's office today.  It wasn't so great.  His right ear is still really red and he thinks there is some fluid in it.  For this, we are on a much stronger antibiotic for 31 days!  And, it's going to most likely cause diarrhea.  Great, just what I need.

In 5 weeks, we have to go back to the ENT for a hearing test, a tympanogram, and another check up.  If we don't start moving in the right direction, my poor sweet boy will be getting tubes.

Next week, we are going to the allergist to have some allergy testing done and see if we can get the allergies under control.

Maybe, just maybe, after a month of antibiotics, some new allergy meds, and tons of doctors appointments, we can get over all this sickness!  Really considering picking up and moving to the beach tomorrow to make it all better.

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