Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seriously amazing

So, my week has beed a little hectic and needless to say I've gotten behind on my thankful posts, so we will move on to a vacay update.

Hawaii is amazing. It's actually nothing like I imagined. But, amazing nonetheless. We traveled all day yesterday. Aidenn was surprisingly fantastic to travel with. We got to the airport at 6:45 am and he played for a bit. We left for Atlanta at 830 and he fell asleep during takeoff.

I woke him up in Atlanta and we ran through the airport. I had enough time to get his diaper changed and eat a Cliff bar before getting on the next plane. We sat next to this super cut old lady on her way to Cali to visit the grandkids. A played the entire 5 hrs to LAX. He was the entertainment of the plane and had a great time. He was absolutely amazed with the tvs in the seats. He ate pretzels, kicked back, and made a 5 hr flight look like nothing. When we got to LAX, he made a friend that chased him around the entire terminal. We quickly got his diaper changed and had a snack and got on our next plane. The last 6 hrs of our trip.

Word of advice: I love Delta, but would absolutely not recommend them from LA to Kona. Teeny tiny plane that is super overcrowded. A's new friend sat across from us and literally screamed the whole way. The dad just put on his headphones and watched Californication. Luckily, A fell asleep and was out for the first 3 hours of the flight.

I loved that after each flight I got great compliments on how well behaved he is. How sweet he is. How smart he is. How beautiful he is. It makes for one proud mama.

Aidenn was so happy to see my parents. They had a lei for me and a flower for him. He loved it and literally smelled it until he passed out in the car.

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We ended up going to bed pretty early since they are 6 hrs behind here and we had a very busy day. I was surprised that A slept til 630, but it was nice.

Day 1 of our trip was amazing! We played on the porch this morning. Here is the view:

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Supposedly, today is not normal and usually it's much clearer. But, it's still pretty breathtaking. We took the dogs to the fruit stand and got breakfast at Lava Java. Then spent the day at the Hilton. The pools there are amazing. They are absolutely freezing, but so much fun. We played at the beach pool. It's a kiddie pool filled with sand that connects to the regular pool. The regular pool had three different sections, waterfalls, slides, 3 hot tubs, and more. And this is just one of the pools at the hotel.
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A loved the beach pool, so we spent the majority of the day filling buckets with sand, putting sand on the turtles, and jumping.

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So far, I've learned:
1. A rainy day doesn't actually mean that it's going to rain. It just means it's not clear out. And this is only the 2nd time in 7 months it's been cloudy.
2. Graffiti isn't spraypainted on walls. People use white rocks on the lava to draw pics, write messages, and more.
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3. Ruths Chris is totally overpriced, but great when you eat for free. I'm pretty sure we will eat there a couple times.
4. Aidenn likes island time. He was up at 630, napped at 1030, and in bed at 7.
5. You can get anything you want for free, as long as you know the right people. We have daypasses to all of the top rated resorts because my dad likes to network. He is also getting us tickets to a couple luau's and passes to the volcano.
6. Hawaii, or at least The Big Island, looks nothing like I imagined. It's all lava pits that turn into amazing resorts that are world renowned. It is beautiful. It feels like you are on another planet.

That's it for now. But, will definitely continue to update about this amazing trip that we are so lucky to be on. Now to go snuggle with my sweet boy.

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