Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turtles, Lava, and Snorkeling

You know that old saying "Never wake a sleeping baby"? Well, I'm pretty sure that applies to toddlers also. But, after a 4 hr nap, getting up at 6 to eat dinner and hang out for a bit shouldn't have been the disaster it has become.

Aidenn decided 430 was wake up time this morning. Fortunately I was already up. This time is killing us. But, totally worth it.

We went to an awesome park that's right down the hill from my parent's house. We will definitely be frequenting it more often. A played on every single thing there and had so much fun. His favorite was the slide, but just recently he's started liking swinging.
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After finally getting him to leave the park, we went to snorkel beach. Apparently, it's the crappiest beach area here, but the best underwater scenery.

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The sand is a mixture of regular sand and broken up lava. All the black "rocks" are lava and super duper slippery. They make little tide pools along the water, which is great! Aidenn sat in the tide pool and filled his bucket with sand for hours!

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I finally got him to get in and he loved it. So much different than this time last year when we were at the beach. He hated it then. But, these beaches really are so much different. The water is crystal clear. The water was so still so I didn't have to worry about the waves bothering him and scaring him. He jumped and played, went under, and blew bubbles.

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We saw a couple of turtles in the water, which was just amazing. They swim right up to you and have no fear. At the end of the day, I finally showed A the turtle that had been hanging out on the beach the entire time we were there. Unfortunately, when they are out of the water, you have to stay 10+ feet away. So, we waited til the end of the day as to not keep him away from it all day. He was thrilled that the turtle was so close!

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We ended our day with a smoothies from Jamba Juice and Aidenn was out. So, needless to say he was absolutely exhausted. And has now been crying since about 20 min after I woke him up. I guess we will be going back to bed!

More fun in the morning! :)

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